Tourism sites of Kapatagan include the Malinas Cave in Brgy. Malinas, Cathedral Falls in Brgy. Waterfalls and Sta. Cruz Falls in Brgy. Sta. Cruz. The Panguil Bay Panoramic View in Brgys. Durano and San Isidro—a place where–aside from scenic view of the Panguil Bay in this 300 meters above sea level mountainous barangays–one can also experience sustained cold and soothing wind while enjoying the calm Panguil Bay and gigantic Malindang Range. Access roads leading to these sites have been at their excellent condition. Necessary amenities for the sites’ optimum enjoyment like huts, viewing decks and natural sheds need to be established.

To enjoy the beauty and richness of mangrove and aqua-marine resources of the Panguil Bay, a floating watch station and a floating restaurant will soon operate in the municipal waters of the municipality.

The town’s Municipal Budwood Garden and Nursery in Brgy. Bel-is has gradually evolved from a mere agricultural endeavor into a tourism potential. Similar thing happened with organic rice farms in Brgys. De Asis and Curvada. Aside from its health  and economic benefits, the method on how this sustainable farming practice is . embraced by farmers has generated local farmers’ and consumer-tourists’ interests.


Inventory of Tourism Establishments, Year 2014

Location/Barangay Name of Tourism Establishment Area (Hectares) 1Type of Attraction Facilities 2Ownership
Waterfalls Cathedral Falls 1 ha Natural None LGU/DOT
Sta. Cruz Sta. Cruz Falls 1 ha Natural None LGU
Malinas Malinas Cave 1 ha Natural None LGU
Poblacion Kahumayan Festival   Festival Municipal Sts. ground LGU
San Isidro, Durano Panguil Bay Panoramic View 2 has Natural None LGU
Bel-is Mun. Budwood Garden and Rubber Nursery 3 has. Man made Nursery shed, Organic Fertilizer Processing Facility LGU
Poblacion Pensione Jonica 1,500 sq. m Man-made Aircon rooms, function hall Private
Poblacion Jas Pension House 600 sq.m Man-made   Private
Poblacion Tabo Day   Cultural    
Maranding Rogen Lodging House 600 sq/m Man-made Aircon rooms  
Poblacion Gatchalian Lodging House 300 sq.m Man-made Aircon rooms Private
Bel-is Mt. Tamporong 20 has Natural None LGU
Poblacion Mommy Lou’s Catering 600 sqm Man-made Catering, restaurant Private
Taguitic Floating Resto     Restaurant Private/LGU
TAMALA Fish Sanctuary/Mangrove Forest 500 has Natural/man-made Floating Watch Station LGU/BFAR

1Type of Attraction: Natural; Man-Made; Cultural; Festival (event); Religious, Historical and Others

2Ownership: LGU; NGA-DOT; PTA; Protected Area; A&D Lands; private sector



Accessibility of Existing Tourism Establishment and Tourist Attraction, Year 2014

Name of Tourism Establishment 1Means of Transportation Available Distance from Nearest Airport (km) Distance from Nearest Seaport (km) Distance from National Highway (km) 2Access Road Accessibility
Pavement Condition  
Cathedral Falls Land 45 30 3 cement good 1
Sta. Cruz Falls Land 45 30 4 Cement/eartth good 1
Malinas Cave Land 50 35 7 Cement/eartth good 1, 5
Kahumayan Festival Land 45 30   Cement good 1
Panguil Bay Panoramic View Land 48 33 3 Cement good 1
Mun. Budwood Garden and Rubber Nursery Land 45 36 6 Cement good 1
Pensione Jonica Land 40 41 1 Cement good 1
Jas Pension House Land 40 41 1 Cement good 1
Tabo Day Land 40 41 1 Cement good 1
Rogen Lodging House Land 40 41 1 Cement good 1
Gatchalian Lodging House Land 40 41 1 Cement good 1
Mt. Tamporong Land 50 45 7 Cement/earth fair 1
Mommy Lou’s Catering Land 40 41 1 Cement good 1
Mei Luz Place Land 42 39 .01 Cement good 1
Floating Resto Land/Water 45 48 4 Cement good 1
Fish Sanctuary/Mangrove Forest Land/Water 48 50 6 Cement good 1

1Means of Transportation: Land, Air, Water

2Access Road: Paved – cement, asphalt/good, fair, poor condition

Unpaved – gravel, earth/good, fair, poor

No road access

3Accessibility:       1-accessible all year round by ordinary vehicle

2-accessible only during the dry season by ordinary vehicle

3 – accessible all year round by 4-wheel drive vehicle only

4-accessible during the dry season by ordinary vehicle and by 4-wheel drive vehicle only during wet season

5-Accessible by walking/trekking/climbing only

6-served by regular transport services (jeepney, tricycle, bus)

7-served by regular boat service or by contracted boat service