The municipality of Kapatagan derives its name from the Visayan word “patag” meaning plain or valley. It is one of the towns that evolved from its mother municipality Kolambugan. Before it became a town, Kapatagan existed as a municipal district from 1939 to 1948 with Hon. Umpa Ampaso, as its first appointed mayor who was a Muslim Datu, and one-time a Deputy Governor of Lanao del Norte.

Among those who worked for the creation of Kapatagan as a municipality were the late Mr. Ernesto Dequina, Mr. Ponciano Malifier, and Mr. Evaristo Aranaydo.

During the Second World War, this place was fully occupied by the guerilla and there was no chance on the part of the Japanese Army to occupy it. Contingent of the so-called Bolo Batallion, United States Armed Forces in the Far East (USAFFE) and the 108th Infantry Batalliion operated in the area from 1942 to 1945.

The coming of the settlers from the Visayas took place from the early 1950s. Boholanos, Siquejodnons, Cebuanos and Ilonggos are among the major settlers in the place.

The opening of the roads to Malabang, Lanao del Sur and Zamboanga del Sur pave the way to its economic development. Relative to this, population grew and revenue in like manner increased as lands were cultivated.

By virtue of R.A. dated June 21, 1969 the eastern part of the Municipality comprising nineteen (19) barangays were made into a separate municipality-now known as the Municipality of Sapad.

Originally, Kapatagan has thirty-five (35) barangays but it 1988, two (2) were abolished, namely: Baragays Carusa and Bagong Danao., This was due to the massive evacuation n of the residents as a result of the massacre of the barangay captain of Carusa and his wife which took place in Pulang Yuta.

Kapatagan became a regular municipality by virtue of Executive Order No. 237 dated July 5, 1949 issued by the late Elpidio Quirino who appointed Datu Melicano Santos as mayor on October 1949. During Mayor Santos’ term, Barangay Maria Aurora, now Poblacion, became the seat of local governance.

Listed below are the appointed and elected officials with their major contributions that brought Kapatagan to where it is now:



(Elected and Appointed)

1949 – 2013


1949 – 1951 Mayor Datu Melicano Santos Appointed
1952 – 1955 Mayor Datu Melicano Santos Elected
1956 – 1967 Mayor Bernardo P. Nietes Elected
1968 – 1970 Mayor Pablito P. Abragan Elected
1970 – 1971 Mayor Datu Macaangcon Labe Appointed by Law of Succession
1971 – 1975 Mayor Diosdado Estocada Sr. Elected
1976 – 1981 Mayor Diosdado Estocada Sr. Extended thru Proc. 1081 (Martial Law)
1982 – 1986 Mayor Diosdado Estocada Sr. Elected
1986 – 1987 Mayor Ronald K. Go Appointed under the Freedom Constitution Designate DILG
Dec. 1-5,1987 Jorge S. Balatero OIC Mayor
1987 – 1988 OIC Mayor Roberto C. Manatom Sr. Appointed under the Freedom Constitution for Election Purposes
1988 – 1998 Mayor Ronald K. Go Elected
1998 – 2007 Mayor Benny  P. Baguio Elected
2007 – 2010 Mayor Benjie Y. Baguio Elected
2010-2016 Mayor Benjie Y. Baguio Elected
2016-Present Mayor Barry Y. Baguio Elected