These livestock are all raised at the backyards of the residents. There has been no commercial production of livestock and poultry in Kapatagan.



The fishing centers of kapatagan are located at Barangay Taguitic, Margos and Lapinig with a total land area of 7, 521.16 hectares. Of these,   3,999 hectares or 53.16 percent are devoted to fishpond industry. At least 12 p-rivate corporations have been operating in the aforementioned area.


Total and area devoted to fishing

Barangay Total Land area Fispond Percent to the total
Taguitic 3,183.31 2,000 62.83
Margos 642.83 499 77.62
Lapinig 3,695.02 1,500 40.60
TOTAL 7,521.16 3,999 53.16


Annual Production and Gross Value of Fisheries Production, 2011

The combined average abbual production of Tilapia in three costal barangays is place at 8.86 metric tons. With an average selling price of Php120, the total worth of Tilapia.

Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Vol.3(2012-2022)                             Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte


Production is placed at Php1,063.200. Bangus, meanwhile has total production of 10.380 tons with market value of Php1,660,800 at market price of Php160. With market price of Php140, shrimp total production of one ton has a market value of Php140,000. Crabs, with annual production of 1.533 tons, has a total market value of P551.880 at market price of Php360. With a total production of 500 kilograms. Prawn has an annual market value of Php551,880.

In Lapinig, there are a total of 147 households who are into fishing, accounting to 22.51 percent of the 653 households in this barangay. Inland finishing ranks second to rice farming in the livelihood source of the population. The rest are engaged into corn farming and running their sari-sari stories and carenderies. Others are into driving and construction work.

Bangus average annual production in Lapinig registers at 1.42 metric tons, Tilapia at 2.84 metric tons, shrimp at 2.42 metric tons and crabs at 1.73 metric tons.

In Margos, Tilapia and Bangus production is a major livelihood source of the total 45 households. About 221 households or 49 percent are into aqua culture and sea fishing. The rest are into rice and corn farming, attending to sari-sari stores and managing a small tailor shops.

Average annual production of Tilapia in Margos registers at 3.5 metric tons, Bangus at 7.7 metric tons, Prawn at 500 kilos, Shrimp at 5.2 metric tons and crabs at 4.2 metric tons.


In Taguitic, 107 households or 17 percent of 618 households are engaged in fishing. Fisherfolks here have an average daily catch of 6.83 kilos of assorted fish.

Average annual production of Tilapia in Taguitic registers at 2.52 metric tons (P120), Bangus at 1.26 metric tons (P100-160), shrimp at 1.000 metric ton (P100-140) and crabs at 1.533 metric tons 250-360.


Barangay Annual Production of Major Aqua-Marine Products

Tilapia Bangus Shrimp Crabs Shellfish Prawn
Taguitic 2.52 1.26 1.00 1.53 0.15
Margos 3.5 7.7 5.2 4.12 0.5
Lapinig 2.84 1.42 2.42 1.73 0.15
TOTAL 8.86 10.38 8.62 7.38 0.30 0.5

Source: Barangay Profiles (Taguitic, Margos, Lapinig), 2005


Fisher folks and Boats

Barangay No. Fisher Folks Type of Boat  
    Motorized Non-Motorized
Taguitic 107 88 56
Margos 221 56 165
Lapinig 147 50 155
TOTAL 475 194 376

Source: Barangay Profiles (Taguitic, Margos, Lapinig), 2005

Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Vol.3 (2012-2022)                                                 Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte