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The Technology for Education, Employment, Entrepreneurs, and Economic Development (Tech4ED) Project evolved  from the Philippine Community eCenter Program,  a national digital inclusion initiative establishing eCenters that provide critical e-government and  ICT-enabled services in  communities with minimal or no access to information and government services. This initiative was the government’s  response to the World Summit on Information Society Plan of Action of which the Philippines  was a signatory which states that “ Governments and other stakeholders should establish multi-purpose community public access points, providing affordable or free-of-charge access for their citizens to the various communication resources, notably the internet.”

International Telecommunications Union reported in 2015, thru its annual release “Measuring the Information Society”, only 20% of households in the Philippines are with Computer and only 26% of Households are with internet connection. Further, according to State of the Broadband Report in 2015 by the same international union, Philippines is ranked 106th out of 191 Countries, with 39.7% internet penetration rate.

This status is where the Project hinges on, to continuously narrow down the digital divide in the Philippines.



To establish sustainable Tech4ED Centers nationwide as a delivery channel for relevant ICT-enabled services and content for socio-economic development of unserved and underserved communities towards improved quality of life.

A Tech4ED Center is a self-sustaining, shared facility providing access to ICT-enabled services and relevant content. It serves as a conduit for efficient delivery of government and other services and a potent tool for the empowerment and participation of the unserved and underserved communities in development.


  1. To establish sustainable Tech4ED centers;
  2. To provide and develop innovative ICT-enabled services and content for the socio-economic development of communities, especially the unserved and underserved communities;
  3. To ensure availability of competent Tech4ED knowledge workers; and
  4. To increase awareness, appreciation of and support for the Tech4ED Project.


1. Establishment of Tech4ED Centers

This component seeks to establish Tech4ED Centers in underserved and unserved communities which have no, if not minimal, access to ICT. Among the notable activities in this component are the Center selection, launch and operations.

2. Content Development

This component shall seek to provide need-based, community-responsive contents which can be accessed thru the Tech4ED Centers. These ICT-enabled contents and services are mostly existing materials from various partners delivered thru the Tech4ED platform.

3. Capability Building

This component aims to build the capability of Tech4ED Center Knowledge workers, excluding the DICT FOO personnel. The Center manager, technical and administrative support staff, on the use of Tehc4ED platform and in the areas of planning, managing and sustaining the operation of the Tech4ED Center.

4. Advocacy and Promotion

This component will focus on the development of a focused advocacy effort to increase awareness, appreciation and support for the Tech4ED Project.

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